initBreadcrumbs() //Set breadcrumbs array for the controller page
initToolbarTitle() //Set default toolbar_title to admin breadcrumb
viewAccess($disable = false) //Check rights to view the current tab
checkToken() //Check for security token
ajaxProcessHelpAccess() //Use HelperHelpAccess
processFilter() //Set the filters used for the list display
Pоstprосess() //Process requests to the controller
processDeleteImage() //Execute the function $object->deleteImage() of the current class
processExport() //Export the function
processDelete() //The function to delete the current class object
processSave() //Call the right method for creating or updating object
processAdd() //The function to add the current class object
processUpdate() //The function to update the current class object
processUpdateFields() //Change object required fields
processStatus() //Change object status (active, inactive)
processPosition() //Change object position
processResetFilters() //Cancel all filters for this tab
processUpdateOptions() //Update options and preferences
initToolbar() //Assign default action in toolbar_btn smarty var, if they are not set. Override to specifically add, modify or remove items
loadObject($opt = false) //Load class object using identifier in $_GET (if possible) otherwise return an empty object, or die
checkAccess() //Check if the token is valid, else display a warning page
filterToField() //Filter by field
displayNoSmarty() //Does not have implementation
displayAjax() //The function uses the layout-ajax.tpl template to display data
redirect() // Header(‘Location: ‘.$this->redirect_after);
Display() //Display content for the class $this- >layout
displayWarning($msg) //Add a warning message to be displayed at the top of the page
displayInformation($msg) //Add an info message to be displayed at the top of the page
initHeader() //Assign smarty variables for the header
addRowAction($action) //Declare an action to use for each row in the list
addRowActionSkipList($action, $list) //Add an action to use for each row in the list
initContent() //Assign smarty variables for all default views, list and form, then call other init functions
initTabModuleList() //Init tab modules list and add button in toolbar
addToolBarModulesListButton() //Add the button «Modules List» to the page with modules
initCursedPage() //Initialize the invalid doom page of death
initFooter() //Assign smarty variables for the footer
renderModulesList() //Return $helper->renderModulesList($this->modules_list);
renderList() //Function used to render the list to display for this controller
renderView() //Override to render the view page
renderForm() //Function used to render the form for this controller
renderOptions() //Function used to render the options for this controller
setHelperDisplay(Helper $helper) //This function sets various display option for a helper list
setMedia() //This function connects css and js files
l($string, $class = ‘AdminTab’, $addslashes = false, $htmlentities = true) //Non-static method which uses AdminController::translate()
init() //Init context and dependencies, handles POST and GET
initShopContext() //Init context for shop context
initProcess() //Retrieve GET and POST value and translate them to actions
getList($id_lang, $order_by = null, $order_way = null, $start = 0, $limit = null, $id_lang_shop = false) //Get the current objects’ list form the database
getModulesList($filter_modules_list) //Get the list of modules
getFieldsValue($obj) //Return the list of fields value
getFieldValue($obj, $key, $id_lang = null) //Return field value if possible (both classical and multilingual fields)
validateRules($class_name = false) //Manage page display (form, list…)
_childValidation() // Overload this method for custom checking
viewDetails() // Display object details
beforeDelete($object) // Called before deletion
afterDelete($object, $oldId) //Called before deletion
afterAdd($object) //The function is executed after it is added
afterUpdate($object) //The function is executed after it is updated
afterImageUpload() //Check rights to view the current tab
copyFromPost(&$object, $table) //Copy datas from $_POST to object
getSelectedAssoShop($table) //Returns an array with selected shops and type (group or boutique shop)
updateAssoShop($id_object) //Update the associations of shops
validateField($value, $field) //If necessary, the verifications goes via the Validate class
beforeUpdateOptions() //The method, executed prior to options update function, does not have implementation by default
postImage($id) //Overload this method for custom checking
uploadImage($id, $name, $dir, $ext = false, $width = null, $height = null) //Image upload function
processBulkDelete() //Delete multiple items
processBulkEnableSelection() //Enable multiple items
processBulkDisableSelection() //Disable multiple items
processBulkStatusSelection($status) //Toggle status of multiple items
processBulkAffectZone() //Execute the method affectZoneToSelection() of the current object
beforeAdd($object) //Called before Add
displayRequiredFields() //Prepare the view to display the required fields form
createTemplate($tpl_name) //Create a template from the override file, else from the base file.
jsonConfirmation($message) //Shortcut to set up a json success payload
jsonError($message) //Shortcut to set up a json error payload
isFresh($file, $timeout = 604800000) //Verify the necessity of updating cache
refresh($file_to_refresh, $external_file) //Update the file $file_to_refresh with the new data from
fillModuleData(&$module, $output_type = ‘link’, $back = null) //Fill the variables of the class Module
displayModuleOptions($module, $output_type = ‘link’, $back = null) //Display modules list

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