In Android Studio :


  1. Click on Tools -> Firebase
  2. Display all functionality at right side tab click on Test Lab -> Record Robo Script and Use it to Guide Robo Test
  3. Attach the device with a PC or open Emulator device.
  4. Click on Record Robo Script and select device to run the application
  5. Display dialog box Record Your Robo Script which displays performed actions on the application
  6. After complete, some action click on the OK button
  7. That will create a JSON file and ask for save in the system. 


In Firebase Console  :


  1. Create a project or select existing project
  2. Select Test Lab from the right drawer
  3. Click on Run a test -> Run a Robo test
  4. Add apk file and JSON script file and continue
  5. Select the device and click on Start.
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